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Why don't the People Use Plastic Straws around the World?

Drinking a cup of milk tea when shopping and working overtime is a source of happiness for everyone. While you are having a good time, you may be concerned about losing weight, you may care about the price increase, but almost never care about the straw that you throw when you run out. Drinking drinks with straws, everyone is used to it. Recently, some restaurants in Beijing and Hong Kong have begun to try not to provide straws to customers, to guide customers to reduce the use of disposable plastic products from small places, and to encourage customers to bring their own tableware, which has caused everyone's discussion.
Do you know? The plastic pipette is often used for only a few minutes, and the natural degradation process takes hundreds of years. Once a large number of plastic straws are not effectively treated, it will cause damage to the natural environment and human health.
At present, the recycling status of straws is not optimistic. Compared with mineral water bottles and cans, plastic straws are difficult to recycle and costly. It is not easy to sort the same color and color together. In addition, the straw itself is a small product, and the recycler is not very motivated.
Most plastic waste cannot be degraded or recycled. Some discarded plastics were not even able to walk into the dump and were discarded at the beach or in the sewers. This poses a hazard to birds and marine mammals, which move up through the food chain and are eventually brought to the human table.
Not providing a plastic pipette is the first step. Paper straws will also be used in the future to replace plastic straws. Striped paper straws wholesale, chevron paper straws wholesale, polka dot paper straws wholesale will be much encouraged then. It is expected that the amount of plastic tableware can be reduced by 15% after the conversion is completed. What is being studied is to change the existing plastic forks and spoons into a "two-in-one" design to reduce the number of used tableware. When all measures are fully implemented, the overall plastics consumption is expected to be reduced by more than 50%.

Recently, a foreign-selling merchant launched the "Aoyama Plan" to find a solution to environmental problems with a scientific method and a rigorous attitude, explore the regeneration value of plastic lunch boxes, and reduce plastic waste through recycling.
Why don't the People Use Plastic Straws around the World?

What can we do to reduce plastic waste?

1. Do not use plastic bags, and replace them with cloth bags that can be used repeatedly.
2. Bottled water is one of the main sources of plastic waste. Try to reduce the amount of bottled water to drink, it is best to bring your own cup.
3. Disposable coffee cup lids, straws, etc. are mostly plastic products, so try not to use them.
4. Do not use disposable raincoats, tableware, gloves and other plastic products.
5. Avoid using toiletries containing plastic microbeads. Plastic microbeads are solid plastic pellets with a diameter of less than 5 mm. They are widely used in toilet products such as toothpaste, facial cleanser and shower gel.
6. Use sealed cans and crispers to store food and discard fresh bags.

Everyone can easily gather the great power of ecological environment protection with a small incident. The earth is our home, we must take good care of her. Choose Shenyu, a professional paper pipe manufacturer. Shenyu offers a variety of color, style paper straws. These paper straws are safe, degradable and non-polluting.

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