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Why are Paper Straws Widely Used

Nowadays, through continuous development and production, polygonal paper straws have been developed. Because they have a certain degradation effect during use, they can replace the current plastic straws and meet the current environmental protection requirements. The straw design can meet certain suction requirements during the use of the paper straw, and avoid the problem of being squashed during use. So what are the different functions in use?

At present, in the food industry, whether in the food industry or in the catering industry, through the use of straws, people's daily needs can be met. Because plastic straws are in use, they cause practical problems for environmental pollution. People's requirements for environmental protection awareness has gradually increased, so the selection and use of paper straws has become a trend of social development, and through the design and development of paper straws, many different types of straw products have been manufactured, thereby improving the efficiency of using paper straws.

From the current point of view, the promotion and use of paper straws can fully achieve the desired effect and purpose, and through the experiments and applications of modern technology, it can be continuously optimized and improved through new equipment and materials to make the use of paper straws can exceed the ideal range and meet the actual application requirements.

Now the manufacture and use of paper straw equipment effectively meets the production and processing of paper straws. This provides more support and service conditions for the development of the times and the requirements of environmental protection, so that paper straws can be gradually promoted and used.

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