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What is the Feasibility of Replacing Plastic Straws with Paper Straws?

As everyone has more awareness of the seriousness of the environmental protection issue, people clearly know the harm of daily polluting products. Also, disposable and non-recyclable plastic straws are slashed by people. Because of this, many paper straws manufacturers have introduced paper straws to replace them. However, is it feasible of replacing plastic straws with paper straws? Let's take a look.

1. Paper straws factory requires the match of design and packaging

Paper straws will be designed to be used with carton packaging of different sizes. However, brands can choose between plastic straws and paper straws.

Paper straws manufacturers claim that there are many significant challenges in the process of producing a straw that meets the characteristics of many brands. The first step is to replicate the elasticity of plastic straws.

The paper packaging has different sizes, but the straws have to be hard enough to withstand the bumps in the distribution chain after being attached to the outside of the packaging. Also, straws must be hard enough to pierce the packaging. At the same time, straws have to meet all food safety requirements.

In addition, we will ensure that the paper source of the straw is responsible and reliable. And we also need to develop a tube laying machine that can operate at the required speed. Therefore, we have established a cross-functional paper straws manufacturing and development team to handle all aspects of the project. The team is currently making this project a top priority.

2. Paper straws manufacturers' pricing for paper straws

Paper straws manufacturers claim that it is too early to decide how to price paper straws. However, it is admitted that it must be competitive compared to the price of plastics. Similarly, the availability of paper straws will depend on customer demands. However, there is also a growing actual demand for plastic alternatives.

The anti-plastics movement is growing globally, and governments are making efforts to reduce the use of plastics.

Fundamentally, whether to use paper straws depend on customers' choice. But it is very important for paper straw manufacturers to provide customers with another option.

Overall, it is a two-way responsibility of the process of replacing plastic straws with paper straws. On the one hand, paper straws manufacturers reduce the production of plastic straws. On the other hand, the more important impact relies on the choice of customers. If everyone can consciously stop using plastic straws for environmental protection, and it is around the corner for paper straws to completely replace plastic straws.

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