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What Are the Advantages of Paper Straws Making Machine Compared with Plastic Straws Making Machine?

1. The importance of paper straws making machine

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, many products are beginning to face the situation of upgrading. As a small product frequently used by daily people, straws are naturally inevitable. The straws we use daily are basically plastic straws. Due to the simple process and low production cost, they are widely used in life. But with the development and prevalence of environmentalism, it has almost become inevitable to eliminate plastic straws from our daily habits. Because the waste caused by plastic straws is really immeasurable, and the pollution to the environment after being discarded is becoming more and more serious.

Since March 2019, the European Union has begun to claim that it is considering banning member states from using plastic straws in the future, and companies such as McDonald's, Diageo and Paul Rica have pledged to phase out the use of plastic straws. People also gradually started to take action. They told the restaurant waiter not to provide straws anymore. Since the summer of 19, Seattle in the United States has announced that all companies are banning the sale of plastic food and beverages, and straws are of course no exception; California also has a bill in the making, which requires restaurants to provide straws only when customers actively request it.

2. The advantages of  paper straws making machine

Therefore, under the general trend of environmental protection, the paper straws produced by the paper straws making machine, especially the biodegradable paper straws, are far better than the plastic straws produced by the plastic straws machine in terms of environmental protection. With the development of environmentalism, the paper straws produced by the paper straws machine will be the general trend in the future. Therefore, in the future prospects, the paper straws making machine has incomparable advantages over plastic straws making machines.

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