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Tokyo Plans to Use Paper Straws to Reduce Plastic Pollution

According to Japan’s NHK TV station on September 29, the problem of plastic waste polluting the marine environment has become increasingly serious. In this case, Tokyo, Japan will conduct an attempt. The coffee shop in the government building replaces the previous plastic straw with a paper straw.
The trial will start in the three cafes in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku starting from the 1st of next month for a month. On the 28th, the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, personally came to the coffee shop and tried the paper straws that were about to be put into use.
Yuriko said, "Start from a small place. So we all started the government building. The feeling of drinking a drink is nothing special. I hope everyone will take the straw as an opportunity to think about environmental issues together."
The paper straws used in this trial cost about 13 yen each, several times higher than the previous plastic straws. To this end, the government will bear the cost of 20,000 paper straws used during the trial period.
Tokyo Plans to Use Paper Straws to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Tokyo will conduct a questionnaire survey on paper pipe users as a reference to develop measures to reduce plastic waste. At the same time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to provide survey results to pipe makers and food and beverage outlets. If paper-based straws like orange and white striped straws, pink and yellow paper straws, gray and white paper straws appears to be more favorable, that would promote reducing plastic waste.
Some local governments in the United States have banned food and beverage outlets from providing plastic straws. Japan's catering industry and so on are gradually abandoned without using plastic straws.

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