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The Use and Operation of Creative Paper Straws in Art

In the infant stage, fully stimulate the imagination of children and guide them to discover their unique creativity, wisdom and ability are the highest goals and evaluation criteria of the art.

1. Creative paper straws paste painting

The main content is to create paper straws and paste paintings in primary education in kindergarten. First of all, it is necessary to let children fully understand and practice the tools that are needed to complete the creative straw paste painting, such as various lengths of creative paper straws, bottom plates, double-sided tape, scissors, etc. Secondly, children can learn how to stick creative paper straws, such as horizontal sticking and vertical sticking. In middle education in kindergarten, we can start styling sticking. One of the paper straws advantages is that children can create patterns and paste by themselves.

2. Creative paper straw sculpture

In addition to the creative paper straw paste painting, the advantage of the creative paper straw lies in the cuttable nature and it can create an art form of "creative paper straw sculpture". It can give full play to children’s creativity by cooperating with other materials for free sculpture, such as colored paper, crepe paper, small leaves, feathers, rope, wool, and ribbons for free sculpture.

3. Decoration of three-dimensional creative paper straws

Creative paper straws can be used to decorate the existing three-dimensional shapes, such as various gourds of different shapes and sizes. The advantage of paper straws is that they have a unique shape and they are loved by children. Therefore, children are interested in decorating things with colorful creative paper straws, and they can cut and paste based on the shape and curvature of the gourd. Some of them can work individually while some work collaboratively, and parents will admire and praise children when they see the colorful works with novel patterns.

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