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The First Paper Straw of the World

On the afternoon of the holiday, you invite three or five friends, take some fruit, spread the ice cubes, mix the brandy, decorate with mint leaves, and finally insert a vintage paper straw... Does this remind you of the romantic style of the afternoon tea of the nobles in the novel "Gone with the Wind"?

In the United States in the early 19th century, people's favorite is such a cool light fragrance. However, during the drinking process, everyone found that direct contact with ice wine not only makes the ice dissolve quickly, but also makes people feel uncomfortable. In order to solve this problem, people began to drink with a straw made of hollow natural straw or hollow stems of wild grass.

However, neither the straw nor the straw tube is strong. They are easy to break and are not hygienic. And when people drink, the taste of the straw itself will also penetrate into the wine, affecting the taste.

Until one day, Marvin Stone, the owner of a local cigarette factory in Washington, took the same trouble and thought about how to solve it. He took out a paper cigarette and prepared to take a meal. With this cigarette tube, he took the opportunity to think of a pipe made of straw.
In order to enhance the waterproofness of the paper straw, he also applied a layer of wax on the paper. He rolled the waxed tissue paper on the pencil as a straw material, glued one of the ends to glue, so that the paper roll did not loosen, then took the pencil and stuck the other end, thus making the world the first paper straw. Marvin Stone is known as the "father of modern straws".

The wheat straw used by the Americans, as well as the same hollow reed rods, are the "old straws" used by ancient humans. With the development of the times, the production process of paper straws is more and more advanced. Colors, patterns, and more human creative ideas have been added to paper straws so that people can even get fun from so many patterned drinking straws, metallic paper straws, christmas paper straws and  so on. A wide variety of straws meet the needs of customers.

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Orange With White Star Pattern Drinking Paper Straws
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