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The Era of Biodegradable Paper Straws has Come

Do you know how much plastic humans produce every year? About 400 million tons! And 40% of plastic waste will be discarded after one-time use. Plastic straws are one of the important reasons for the death of marine organisms. With the continuous improvement of the plastic ban and restriction policies, plastic straws are facing challenges and being eliminated. It is urgent to replace environmentally friendly straws. The era of biodegradable paper straws has come!

1. High-temperature molding and stable performance

The biodegradable paper straw is molded at a high temperature of 380°C, which is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and fully meets all the needs of drinking beverages for 3 hours.

2. Glue-free straws, environmentally friendly

The biodegradable paper straws are made of medical-grade materials, pure polylactic acid, and pure wood pulp grade food paper materials. No glue is added, which can achieve full degradation in the natural environment without any pollution.

3. Safe and non-toxic, use with confidence

The biodegradable paper straw is sterilized by high temperature during the molding process, and will not produce any harmful substances, and there will be no dissolution and migration of debris during the drinking process.

4. Authoritative certification and quality assurance

As an innovative manufacturer of automated paper straws, Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to integrating manufacturing, research, and marketing to provide our customers with the best solutions. You are welcome to consult with us to purchase products!

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