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The Development Direction of Paper Straw in the Industry

1. The development of paper straws

Whether in developed or developing countries, straws are important products. In recent years, while plastic straws have brought convenience to people's lives, more and more of them have been thrown away at will and have begun to burden the environment, while paper straws have gradually shown their advantages due to their recyclability.

Paper straws are environmentally friendly straws that can degrade and disappear in the soil after a few months of use.

In March 2018, the United Kingdom and other developed countries issued a "plastic limit order" to reduce pollution caused by plastic. Subsequently, other developed or developed countries, such as India, South Africa, Thailand and Costa Rica, have also adopted similar measures to restrict the use of plastic straws, which further reflects the importance of paper straws. Customers also choose environmentally friendly packaging in the paper straw industry, which is the main driver of growth.

2. Types of paper straws

According to product categories: brown paper straws, white kraft paper straws, printed paper straws, etc.

Classified by application: carbonated drinks, milkshakes, iced tea, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, etc.

According to the end use: hotels, restaurants and motels, bars and lounges, etc.

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