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The 'Ancestor' of the Paper Straw is Actually A Cigarette?

The earliest industrial straws: paper straws

Prior to the invention of paper straws, straws were made from plant stems. However, due to the material, the vegetable straw is easily broken and not hygienic. And their own taste will also penetrate into the wine, affecting the mellowness of the wine.
Four thousand years ago, people used plant stems as "sippers". Until 1888, an American cigarette merchant, Marvin Stone, got the inspiration from cigarettes and made the world's first paper straw. It was very popular once it was launched.
At that time, the American medical community also suggested that consumers should use straws when drinking carbonated beverages to avoid corrosion on the teeth. Since this paper straw has been widely spread in the United States. In the pubs, restaurants, and even on the railway passenger cars, paper straws appeared.
In 1937, the American inventor Friedman inserted a screw into one end of the paper straw, and then squeezed the screw corrugated from the outside of the straw. After the screw was pulled out, the corrugation of the straw could be bent. He thus invented the world's first straw that can be bent!
The invention of the flexible straw allows the child to be more convenient at taking a drink and can assist the patient lying on the bed to be safer when taking the medication. This invention was hailed as "one of the most remarkable technological achievements of the 20th century"!
The 'Ancestor' of the Paper Straw is Actually A Cigarette?

Paper straws under modern technology

In the past two years, people began to resist plastic straws because of the growing white pollution. In this way, the paper straws that have already withdrawn from the historical stage have re-emerged!
Because the paper straw can not only recycle and reduce white pollution, it also becomes more refined and beautiful in appearance after being improved by modern technology. Beautifully designed red chevron paper straws, metallic paper straws, solid paper straws are ideal for occasions such as festival parties. Paper straws are the new favorite at the party!
When using the straws in the future, don't forget to use the perfect replacement for plastic straws - paper straws! The paper straws produced by our factory are of various colors and complete styles. And the paper straws of our factory are safe, degradable and non-polluting, which is your best choice.

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