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Straw and Wine

Interestingly, the straw is now used for drinking beverages, but both its prototype and the invention of the straw in the modern sense are related to wine.

Du Fu once wrote a verse about "Yellow sheep is not awkward, and the wine is still drunk". What is "Lu wine"? If those Chinese rich second-generation girls who have been approved as vulgar because they drink red wine with straws know that, they will ask the Du Fu to be an example. The wine is the wine that is sucked in the barrel with the reed.
In the Ming Dynasty, Yang Shen explained the Luji in the article "Yilin Lushan·Lujiu": "Lu wine takes the reed as the tube, suck and drink. This called drinking wine." This wine takes green barley, barley, Sorghum as the raw material. After cooking, it is mixed with koji into the altar and covered with grass. When drinking, boiling water or water is first injected into the altar. Then you use a reed to drink. If you have a guest, the wine can be said to be a high-standard reception. Everyone took turns drinking. Water is added into the wine after the suction. After the taste is light, everyone eats the wine residue. Until today, the Miao and Qiang nationalities still retain this hospitality tradition.
But if you think that the ancient Chinese habits are so taken from nature, it is really a small look at the wisdom of the ancients.
In recent years, there have been sippy cups in various ancient ceramic exhibitions.
For example, the three-color sippy cup in the Tang Dynasty is a new design during the period of greatly improving ceramic technology. It is a strange product in tea sets.In Singapore, there was the “”Tang Dynasty Shipwreck" Treasure Show, which showed the cultural relics recovered from the shipwreck on the ancient Maritime Silk Road. The Tang Dynasty shipwreck, called the Black Rock, was discovered in 1998 by a German salvage company near a black reef in the waters of Belitung Island, Indonesia. This is an Arab merchant ship carrying Chinese goods transported to Southeast Asia and North Africa via Southeast Asia. The number of Chinese porcelain alone has reached more than 67,000. Because the inscriptions of the Tang Dynasty Baoli two years (826 years) on the porcelain bowl of the Changsha kiln, combined with other artifacts, the age of the ship was confirmed as the first half of the 9th century. In the exhibit, there are four straw cups.
In the Ming and Qing dynasties, ceramic technology has made more progress, and many sippy cups have appeared. For example, in the Guangxu period, the "Taihu Autumn Exercise Memorial Cup" is shaped like a lotus flower. The lotus flower is decorated with pastels. The stem has a stem on one side and connects to the bottom of the cup. This hollow stem is a straw, which is ingenuity.
However, ceramic sippy cups are limited in thickness and costly. It may not be practical.

The straws used in ancient Europe are estimated to be dominated by natural materials.
John Mandeville's 1371 Sir John Mandeville"s Travels has mentioned straws. This medieval best-selling book tells a lot about travel and religious knowledge, which traces the folklore about the Cavaliers' travel in Europe and Asia, most of which is fictional. It mentions Ethiopia in Africa, saying that people on a small island are gnomes. They have no mouth and only a small round hole on their faces. They use straws to eat or drink. Because they don't have a tongue, they can't talk. They can only rely on sign language and snoring as an aid.
To this day, there are still some drinks in the West, and the tradition of straw made from old natural materials, such as the famous bloody Mary, is faintly visible. This cocktail is made with tomato juice mixed with vodka and a celery stick. This celery stem is a straw.
The Malay tea of the South American continent is also worth mentioning.
Macha tea is not a tea, but a kind of leaf drink. It has been popular in South America since the Inca Empire. This drink is now very popular in Europe and the United States, and is regarded as a national treasure in Argentina. For more than a thousand years, it has not only been a drink, but also a food for hunger. When people encounter natural disasters, the leaves of the horses can not only satisfy their hunger, but also refresh them. During the Spanish colonial period in Argentina, the nomadic Gauchos became the horsemen who transported the ore in the mountain road for the colonists. In the difficult trek, they can only rely on the mate to convey homesickness.

The method of drinking mala tea is different. It is different from the Orientals who make tea in a teapot and then pour it in a teacup. The mate tea uses a special mate teapot. The horse pot teapot made of bamboo or gourd hollow is about the size of a fist and is equipped with a copper straw. The end of the straw inserted into the teapot is slightly larger, has a flat oval shape, and has a mesh filter.

If you pay attention, you will find that in the auditorium of the Argentine Football League, there are always people who watch and drink while holding the mate, and there are always people on the street who gather together and take a teapot to take a drink with a straw. Compared to ceramic straws, traditional copper straws in South America seem to be more practical.

A small straw has become a necessity for humans. Milk, yoghurt and drinks in the supermarket are mostly equipped with yellow and gray paper straws, black and gold paper straws, purple and white striped straws drinks in restaurants and cafes, and straws are standard. It is said that humans have consumed hundreds of billions of straws a year. In recent years, more and more people have called for the use of plastic straws to protect the earth, and more use of biodegradable paper straws.

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