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Solution to Internal Problem and Failure Analysis of Paper Straws Manufacturing Machine

As people pay more and more attention to the environment, indivisible plastic straws will be gradually eliminated in the future in order to achieve the effect of recycling and protecting the environment. Therefore, the paper straws manufacturing machine, which is a device for producing paper straws, has gradually begun to be popularized and applied in various fields. But if you don't pay much attention to the daily use of the paper straws manufacturing machine, the paper straws manufacturing machine may also have some problems. Next, we will introduce several possible problems and solutions during use.

1. The internal screw of the paper straws manufacturing machine is uneven

As the paper straws manufacturing machine is used over time, the spiral lines inside the paper straws produced by it may become uneven. So how to solve this problem? What we need to know is that the cutting blade inside the paper straws manufacturing machine will produce a lot of resistance when working. Therefore, if the cutting blade is adjusted to a reasonable direction, the resistance is appropriately reduced, and then the correction amount of the paper lubricant is appropriately adjusted, the problem of uneven internal spirals in the manufacture of paper straws may be improved. Of course, if there are still problems after operating according to the above solutions, you should contact the professional maintenance personnel of Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd to ask them to protect and inspect the paper straws machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Abnormal noise of paper straws manufacturing machine

The root cause of this situation is often that the laser cutting blade of the paper straw machine is not securely tightened, which will cause the blade to touch other parts during laser cutting. This situation will not only cause a certain hazard to the quality of the manufactured paper straws, but also the blade will touch the parts inside the paper straw machine, and it will also reduce the service life of the paper straws making machine. Therefore, when something like this occurs, you must immediately disassemble and assemble the paper straw machine, and then fix the blade again, and finally monitor whether other parts in the paper straws machine are cut by the blade. If there are any damaged parts, they must also be replaced.

As a professional paper straws machine manufacturer, Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is committed to providing you with good after-sales service. If you encounter any problems during use, please call our company for consultation and help.

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