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Say Goodbye to the Plastic Straw!Starbucks in South Korean Use Paper Straws for the Environment

Starbucks in South Korea has introduced paper straws instead of plastic straws in 100 of its stores in Seoul and other major cities starting today (10th). At present, consumers have the choice of green and white paper straws. After the 2-month test period, Starbucks will choose the preferred color as the official straw color.

According to south Korean media reports, the two types of colored paper straws offered by Starbucks have been licensed to provide safe food in the United States and South Korea; After the test period, a preferred color will be selected as the color of paper straw in the future.

Starbucks will phase out disposable plastic straws by 2020


Starbucks in South Korea will also remove free plastic straws and stir bars from its stores,  with only one straw attached to each drink; Wooden stirring rods are also introduced to replace plastic ones. South Korean coffee chains alone are known to use 180 million plastic straws a year.

South Korean Starbucks is expected to push the paper straw campaign to all Starbucks stores in the country by Nov. Starbucks says it wants to rid 28,000 stores around the world of disposable plastic straws by 2020, a move expected to save more than 1 billion plastic straws in a year.


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