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Reduce Plastic Life from Paper Straws

There are traces of micro-plastics in marine organisms, drinking water and salt. Some studies have shown that plastic particles have been found for the first time in human stools. Is it really difficult to reduce plastic life? Let's start with a straw today!

The latest study by the Austrian Environment Agency and the Vienna Medical University shows that microplastics were first discovered in human stool samples. Lead researcher Dr. Philipp Schwabl published a report at the URG Forum: The researchers conducted a week of dietary tracking of eight volunteers, all of which found microplastics in their daily stool samples, and up to nine types, covering almost all plastic type. These microplastics were found to be between 50 and 500 microns in diameter, with an average of about 20 plastic particles per 10 grams of manure. What is even more frightening is that these 8 people are between 33 and 65 years old, from different countries.

Plastic straws are the fourth largest plastic waste in the world, and the annual number is considerable. Many countries have announced that they will ban plastic straws. Paper straws will be the best alternative. Nowadays more and more bars and restaurants have started to use cute patterned drinking straws instead of boring plastic straws. 

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Blue Cat Pattern Decorative Paper Straws

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