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Analysis of the Causes of Common Quality Problems in the Production of Paper Straws

The paper straws are formed into different paper straw products by casting, extrusion and various surface treatments (mainly including oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer, etc.). Including various types of door and window curtain wall construction paper straws and subway busbar profiles, refrigerated container floors, high-speed ship profiles, electronic radiators, automotive motor casings, architectural aluminum formwork, paper pipette conveyor line frame, paper pipette workbench, paper straw industrial fence, industrial paper straws such as equipment fence guards, equipment frames, and assembly lines.

Paper straws are used in a wide range of applications, such as yellow and grey paper straws, red chevron paper straws, purple and white paper straws especially for bars and restaurants. Analyze the causes of the common quality problems in production, and facilitate the prevention of the production of high quality products.

Strain: This is mainly due to the temperature of the aluminum rod and the extrusion speed.
Scratch: This is caused by the graphite at the discharge port, the wear of the drum, the wear of the belt and the scratching of the long and short materials.
Bending: The profile is overheated and straightened, the straightening force is not enough, and the bridge is not flat.
Deformation: The mold works with a cracked bridge, and the profile is not used when the profile is straightened.
Pale: Scaffolding, collision, and blanking of the blanks are not appropriate.
Inclusion: This is because the aluminum rod, the pressure is too thin, and the material is not clear for a long time.
Scratch: The scaffold is clogged, the material and material are rubbed when the frame is framed, the frame is placed too densely, and friction is caused during transportation.
Low hardness: This is due to rod temperature, outlet temperature, cooling rate, placement of the frame, and improper use of the alloy.
Twisting: Twist: This is caused by straightening and improper mold design.
Oblique: The profile and the baffle are not parallel when sawing.
Burr: The bar temperature is too low, the quality of the aluminum bar is poor, and the mold is squeezed for a long time.

Blue Rugby Drinking Paper Straws

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