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Promote the Advantages of Paper Straws in the Green Environment

Pipettes are important products in both developed and developing countries. In recent years, the food service packaging industry has developed rapidly, and more and more plastic straws and similar products that have been randomly discarded have begun to burden the environment while bringing convenience to people's lives. Paper straws gradually show an advantage due to their recyclability. Paper straws can drink water, beverages, milk tea, coffee, sand and other liquids. Paper straws can be used as decorations for cakes, PARTY, homes, etc. Paper straws can be used as splicing materials for DIY toys. Plastic straws can be used, paper straws are also available, and they are also more environmentally friendly. In addition, paper straws allow more interesting patterns which bring our life more fun with creative red chevron paper straws, metallic paper straws, christmas paper straws.

According to the statistics of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, the average person in Taiwan has to use 3 billion plastic straws in one year. To end the plastic pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced that since July next year, four categories of objects such as the public sector, public and private schools, department stores, shopping centers and chain speeds food stores may not provide disposable plastic straws for internal users. According to the stage to 2030, the disposable plastic pipette is fully restricted.
Harm of plastic straws
Although the straw is recyclable, there are very few real recycling. We usually throw straws on the side of the road and they are sent to the landfill. And they have the greatest threat to the ocean. Although they are not the largest source of pollution in our waterways, fish and birds are affected. The straw is not large, so marine life is easy to swallow. Plastic items like straws and forks are even stuck in the turtle's nose.
According to Strawless Ocean, we found plastic in the stomachs of 71% of seabirds and 30% of sea turtles. These are all made by humans, and we could have avoided them – when these animals ingested plastics, their mortality rate reached 50%.
Replacement of plastic straws
Among the environmentally-friendly straws of various materials, paper straws are the first choice for most stores because they are easy to use and can be recycled and decomposed. However, at present, some of the paper straws sold in Taiwan are directly imported from foreign countries, and some of them are imported by the straw manufacturers for general non-specialized paper imports. They are not able to track the safety of the products 100%, and there are fears of uneven quality and affecting human health concerns.

Paper straws need professional production equipment before they can be produced and processed, and they need mature processing technology to provide better quality products for everyone!
Paper straw is safe and environmental. If you want to buy party straws bulk, gold paper straws bulk, and orange and white paper straws please contact us. Our company is a China's paper straws manufacturer that produces paper straws.

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