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Do Not Leave Plastic Waste for Future Generations! Do Not Use Disposable Plastic Straws!

According to statistics, hundreds of billions of disposable plastic straws are discarded every year, causing serious damage to marine ecology and environmental pollution. In order to protect the global environment, Taiwan's environmental protection department also passed the bill. On July 1, 2019, it began trials in four types of sites. The four types of locations include the public sector, public and private schools, department stores, and shopping centers. At that time, more than 8,000 places in the four types of sites will no longer provide disposable straws!
Do Not Leave Plastic Waste for Future Generations! Do Not Use Disposable Plastic Straws!

The biggest impact of this bill is the chain of fast food companies, department stores and shopping centers. In the future, everyone must bring their own straws when they go to the food street of the department store to buy beverages. Otherwise, they must open the lid and drink directly. Anyone who violates the rules will be fined NT$1200 or more and 6,000 yuan or less.

Since Taiwan's environmental protection department has announced that disposable straws will be banned, many manufacturers have also developed new materials for straws. In addition to stainless steel and glass straws, some manufacturers have developed paper straws or straws made of natural materials such as bamboo and sugar cane fibers. These materials have a lower suction cost and are easier to recycle. Paper straws bulk wholesale, paper party straws wholesale and striped paper straws wholesale have become an indispensable part in their business. The starting point for disabling disposable straws is good. We should try to avoid creating more plastic waste for future generations.

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