Plastic Straws or Paper Straws? Starbucks again Becomes the Focus of Debate
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Plastic Straws or Paper Straws? Starbucks again Becomes the Focus of Debate

"China Plastics Machine" quoted foreign media reports, due to the increasingly serious pollution problems, the use of plastics has been widely concerned, and the latest controversy has been transferred to plastic straws. In this regard, environmental organization As You Sow and Starbucks debated.
At present, the paper straws that replace the plastic straws on the market have the problem that the beverages are broken when the straws are not consumed. Beverage companies are unable to provide the perfect solution to this problem. Regarding the use of plastic straws or paper straws, people are arguing over and the debate is escalating.
The headline article "Sipper Wars" of the Wall Street Journal on March 30 details the history of straws and the necessity of use in some cases. In one of his articles, Cara Lombardo quoted a dentist as saying "People should drink all the drinks except mineral water with a straw." Paper straws do not maintain their integrity well when used, especially when used to drink milkshakes. At the same time, paper straws do not perform well as compared to plastic straws. Lombardo wrote in the article that in order to prevent the decomposition of paper straws, people must quickly finish the cocktail.
Plastic Straws or Paper Straws? Starbucks again Becomes the Focus of Debate

The Wall Street Journal also reported that some people said that paper straws can last for 10 minutes until they drink zero-degree cola. The daily newspaper also quoted actor Adrian Grenier: "We see pipettes as 'gateway plastics' that understand pollution."
As You Sow's environmental organization announced at a press conference on March 30 that Granny was elected as a UN environmental ambassador. On behalf of As You Sow, he spoke at the Starbucks Shareholders' Meeting on March 21 and asked Starbucks to "take bold action and reduce the global plastic footprint."
The shareholder proposal specifically requires Starbucks to phase out about 2 billion plastic straws used each year. These straws are not recyclable and may endanger marine life. The resolution requires Starbucks to implement a packaging reuse and recycling program that the company developed nine years ago but did not implement.
Conrad MacKerron, senior vice president of As You Sow, commented: “Investors should be concerned about the company’s lack of action. When McDonald’s and other competitors make global recycling commitments, Starbucks will lose its main competitive advantage. Starbucks must take seriously the serious environmental damage caused by plastic straws and lids flowing into the waterways around the world. It is the responsibility of people to discard items in the right way, especially disposable plastic straws, lids and cups.
Obviously, paper straws have great environmental advantages. Even if those special processed paper-based straws like patterned drinking straws, metallic paper straws, gold polka dot straws are thrown into the ocean, paper straws will quickly decompose without leaving any traces, while plastic straws are designed to maintain the strength and durability of the straws.
In the past decade, many environmental organizations have declared war on Starbucks, pointing to Starbucks' latest "shareholder resolution" failed to fulfill its 2008 commitment. The promise is that by 2015, cups can be recycled 100%, 25% of drinks will be available in reusable cups, and recycling containers will be placed in front of all stores.
In his resolution, Glenel pointed out that Starbucks did not achieve its goal at all. The company supplies about 4 billion paper cups a year, but these paper cups have a plastic coating that requires special treatment, and the company lacks the infrastructure to recycle paper cups. Therefore, most of these paper cups are still disposed of as garbage and are not recycled.
As You Sow also pointed out that even if plastic items degrade, they become small particles. Birds and marine animals will ingest food, leading to disease and even death. Packaging that degrades in waterways can transfer harmful substances to animals, and it is possible to transfer to humans."
Starbucks also responded to these remarks. The company is very concerned about environmental issues and points out that the real problem with plastic contamination is that people deliberately discard valuable plastics rather than using plastic products.
Disposable plastic products have changed from passive restrictions to active rejection. Active use of degradable paper straws forms a consensus on environmental protection.

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