Paper Straws for Sale

Why Choose SHENYU's Biodegradable Paper Straws?

Why Choose SHENYU's Biodegradable Paper Straws?

Biodegradable paper straws are now a new choice for your party, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. If you are concerned about saving our environment, then SHENYU's biodegradable paper straws can be the best solution for you!

  • Eco-friendly Biodegradble Paper Straws

    Our custom printed paper straws are all made of premium and compostable materials.

  • FDA Test

    Produced by advanced equipment, SHENYU's recycled paper straws have all passed the standard FDA tests.

  • Paper Straws

    Having a variety of patterns, our biodegradable paper straws can be applied perfectly in various occasions.

  • Custom Paper Straws

    As a professional paper straw manufacturer, SHENYU can also provide you with quality paper straws with customized logos and sayings.

Paper Straws Biodegradability Testing

Paper Straws Biodegradability Testing

As a trusted biodegradable straws supplier,  our major goal is to utilize sustainable raw materials to produce high quality biodegradable paper straws, the customized paper straws produced by SHENYU can all not only pass the international production standards as FDA, LFGB, EU and FSC Regulations, but they are also capable of being fully degraded in both soil and ocean within 3 months.

Best Quality Paper Straws

  • Good Equipment
    Good Equipment

    Having purchased the most advanced paper straw making machines in the industry, SHENYU possesses a complete production line of high-quality biodegradable paper straws. 

  • Visual Inspection
    Visual Inspection

    As machines may still possibly make mistakes, we will send professional inspectors to check the quality of your personalized paper straws once they are completed by the straw machines.

  • Color Examination
    Color Examination

    To make sure the color of your custom printed paper straws is exactly what you have asked for, we will check the colors of your products throughout the production process so as to make sure no color deviation will occur.

  • Premium Material
    Premium Material

    Using premium materials, SHENYU wants to provide you with the best using experience of your own disposable paper straws.