Biodegradable Paper Straws Wholesale

We supply good quality products at best service and reasonable
price to customer.

As a professional paper straws manufacturer from China, SHENYU specializes in the design and production of biodegradable paper straws. We have excellent biodegradable paper straws for sale with custom design. You may have a look of the following biodegradable paper straws. We have decorative paper drinking straws, multi colored paper straws, wholesale party straws and so on. Custom paper straws are also available. You'll find the one that you like!
We promise the quality of our biodegradable paper straws. Buy paper straws in bulk, please contact us!

We produce all kinds of colors of biodegradable paper straws: gold, red, blue, pink, black, green, purple, yellow, plum, oranger, brown, Starbucks green, gray, or any other multi colour or solid color as your need.

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We produce different patterns of biodegradable paper straws: metallic, striped, polka dot, chevron, rugby, checkered, harlequin, bamboo-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. Custom paper straws are available.

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Using Biodegradable Paper Straws as A New Life Style

Biodegradable paper straws are a new choice for your party, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. If you are concerned about our environment, then our biodegradable paper straws can be the best solution for you!
  • Our custom paper straws are made of premium and compostable materials.
  • Our paper straws for sale are produced by advanced equipment and have passed FDA tests.
  • Our biodegradable paper straws are with a variety of patterns.
  • Customized logos and sayings on the drinking paper straws are available.

We are in the pursuit of high-quality custom paper straws and customer service. Browse our selection of biodegradable paper straws, and you'll get the best solution to add fun to your party, coffee shop restaurant and so on!