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Paper Straws - Spoons You Can Eat

In recent years, environmental awareness has risen, and countries around the world have come up with specifications to reduce the use of plastics. This set off a "reduction of plastics" boom, corresponding to environmental protection and plastic reduction actions.
Paper Straws - Spoons You Can Eat

1. UK - McDonald's "paper straw"

McDonald's UK recently announced that since May, 1,300 McDonald's in the country will replace the plastic straw with a "paper straw" to reduce pollution to the earth.
According to CNN, the UK issued a report warning that if the government does not control the garbage problem, it is expected that the plastic waste in the ocean will triple in 10 years.
The World Wide Fund for Nature pointed out that the United Kingdom used 42 billion straws a year. If it is not regulated, it is expected to increase by 41% in 2030. A large amount of plastic waste will not only pollute the ocean but also harm other organisms.

2. India - a spoon that you can eat

In India, there is a company called Bakeys, which is producing edible tableware to replace plastic tableware.
Whether using wooden or plastic cutlery, it can cause serious damage to the planet. The founder of the company, Mr. Narayana Peesapaty, attaches great importance to environmental protection. When he sees such waste and environmental damage, he is very sad.
It can be eaten like a normal plastic spoon, and the hardness is large enough to be used to eat frozen ice cream.

3. Germany - pure natural leaf plate

The Leaf Republic team in Germany has developed “natural” tableware that can be completely degraded in 28 days, replacing the plastic lunch box that takes 730000 days to degrade!
Use the leaves instead of plastic to make 100% recyclable natural disposable tableware. Do you feel the beautiful earth mother waving at you every time you eat it?
This leaf is not only waterproof and oil-proof, but also a disposable tableware that can be completely degraded into fertilizer. It does not use any chemicals such as glue and paint during the production process. It is completely natural.

4. China - see the light dead shopping bag

The most direct way to reduce plastics is without plastics! Olaide has introduced a photo-degradable Finn bag that completely replaces one plastic bag and recycles it.
The Finn's bag with 100% polypropylene fiber photodecomposition material can be completely decomposed in the direct sunlight for 3 months.
If it is used instead of a paper bag, it can reduce the consumption of 100,000 paper bags per year, which is equivalent to planting 900 trees of 20 years old for the earth every year.

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