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Paper Straws Replace Plastic Straws One after Another

There has been a lot of news about plastic straws recently. Australia's major bars and supermarket giants have eliminated a habit of plastic straws. McDonald's announced the use of plastic straws in restaurants in the Britain and Ireland. IKEA will stop selling disposable plastic products such as straws and will stop dispensing plastic tableware such as straws for fresh food. The coffee chain brand Costa announced that it has stopped supplying plastic straws and switched to non-plastic products. Alaska Airlines stated that disposable, unrecoverable plastic straws will no longer be available on the aircraft and in the lounge. The 91-year-old Queen of England also spoke on all royal sites and prohibited the use of plastic straws. The Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency announced that from July 1, 2019, a total of 8,000 companies in four major categories, including public sector, public and private schools, department stores, shopping malls and chain fast food restaurants, will be restricted to provide with disposable plastic straws, which will be banned in 2030. New York drafted legislation prohibiting New York State companies from working with customers on disposable, non-biodegradable plastic straws. Seattle's food and beverage companies will also stop offering plastic straws by July. More and more striped paper straws wholesale, chevron paper straws wholesale, polka dot paper straws wholesale have  been in the rise.

Plastic straws seem to be standard on all beverages, such as milk, soy milk, cola, milk tea, soda. People will think that it is safe and hygienic to use a straw instead of a mouth to directly contact the cup. For young people, taking a cup of a drink with a plastic tube is a fashion and "taste". How can it be that the plastic straw has become a street mouse that everyone is calling? How terrible is the plastic straw? It makes people around the world pay so much attention.

Things can probably start with a video on social media on the removal of straws from turtles in 2015. Scientists found an injured turtle on the coast of Costa Rica. After inspection, the turtle had a foreign body in the nose. The team of scientists took it out for ten minutes and found that the foreign body in the nose turned out to be a plastic 10 cm long. straw. Throughout the process, the turtles were so painful that they closed their eyes and screamed. Once the video was uploaded, it quickly spread on the Internet. People around the world are shocked by the fact that a small plastic straw that is commonplace in our daily lives can cause enormous damage to the environment and to the creatures in the sea.

People from all over the world have begun to pay attention to and "reduced plasticity" with practical actions. Many national governments or local governments, and even many large enterprises, have responded positively. Plastic straws are no longer used and replaced with paper straws.

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