Paper Straws Making Machine

Technical Parameters of Pipe Coiler

The equipment is made of totally enclosed body stainless steel shell and part of metal, which is saft and environmentally friendly, with quiet noise and low noise

Internal air filter device to remove paper, no paper tube waste

Regular products can use 3 million or more straws per knife

The paper tube diameter is Ø 5 mm – Ø 12mm

The thickness of the paper tube is 0.8 – 2mm

Paper tube production rate: 1 – 40m/min( the speed is different due to different specifications and raw material quality) . There is about 200pcs per minute for size 6*197mm

Paper tube cut length: 100mm -3,000 mm (Special length can customized according to customer requirements)

Main Functions and Accessories

Using numerical control computer directly in the operating interface to set the length. Cutting length can be accurate

Man-machine interface and special operating system, intelligent operation panel, easier operation

The use of conjoined structure increases the stability of the paper frame and reduce the space

Using Roller – type gluing 

The movement speed of the cutting part of paper tube is controlled by servo motor, which can track the production speed of paper tube to achieve synchronization

A conveyor line is arranged behind the cutting system to output the paper tube smoothly, paper tube material rack and collection platform customer matching

Scope of Supply

  • Servo operating electrical machinery
  • Servo driver
  • Frequency charger
  • Accessory

SHENYU Paper Straws Making Machine Video

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