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Paper Straws Machine is Becoming More and More Intelligent

Ⅰ. The development of paper straws machine

With the continuous improvement of the technical level, we can see that the paper straws machine sold in the market has not only been greatly improved in the use of performance, mainly the level of intelligence is also getting higher and higher. In this way, the user will feel more convenient and intelligent when using the paper straws machine. So what is the intelligence of the paper straws machine?

Ⅱ. Paper straws machine is more and more intelligent

1. Today's paper straws machine has a self-locking function. When operating the paper straws machine, the swing arm will be automatically locked during production after adjusting the angle of swing arm to ensure that the swing arm will not shake during production.

2. The winding force has also increased, so the power transmission power is higher, the processed paper straw has a higher light, the appearance of flatness is also very good.

3. Now the paper straws machine also has the function of active following cutting. At the same time, when it is active following cutting, it can also ensure that the cutting is neat without warp angle, and the length of the cutting can be adjusted according to the actual situation. In addition, the operation of the device is also quite convenient, usually one or two people can be organized to operate the device.

4. When the user operates the paper straws machine, he can also wind a certain amount of wide-width paper tape into parallel spiral paper straws with the required inner diameter and wall thickness according to the pre-set processing requirements.

5. The intelligent paper straws machine uses three active stepless speed regulation to drive the roller, so in the process of operation, there is no need to worry about the problem of belt skidding.

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