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Paper Straw Machinery Industry "in an Invincible Position"

Ⅰ. The development of paper straw machinery industry

The paper straw machinery industry is an important part of the advanced manufacturing industry. With the advancement of science and technology, large-scale enterprises in the paper straw machinery industry are widely adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and advanced applicable equipment. At the same time, the paper straw machinery industry is also generally implementing modern management methods. And advanced manufacturing production mode, which has caused major changes in traditional industries and achieved good economic and social benefits.

The development of the machine to make paper straws has a good foundation and advantages. After years of development, the scientific and technological strength, marketization and internationalization of the paper straw machinery industry have been significantly improved, and the production and manufacturing capabilities have been continuously enhanced.

The world economic environment has changed a lot in recent years. In the machinery industry, paper straw machinery will become an important growth point. As a well-known enterprise in paper straw machinery, Shenyu will also increase scientific research, design and develop more and more advanced products, and remain invincible in the new development.

Ⅱ. Introduction of the characteristics of Shenyu Machine to make paper straws

1. The equipment is made of a fully enclosed stainless steel shell and part of metal, which is safe and environmentally friendly, with low noise and low noise.

2. The internal air filter device can remove paper, no paper straw waste.

3. Conventional products can produce 3 million or more straws

4. The diameter of the paper straw is Ø5 mm -Ø12mm

5. The thickness of the paper straw is 0.8 – 2mm

6. The productivity of the paper straw: 1 ~40m/min (speed varies with specifications and raw material quality). Special length can be customized according to customer requirements.

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