McDonald's: Paper Straw instead of Plastic Disposable Straw
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McDonald's: Paper Straw instead of Plastic Disposable Straw

McDonald's sells burgers, fries, fried chicken, and carbonated drinks in 119 countries on six continents. Many people dine at McDonald's and order a cool cola. Some people even think that McDonald's cola is good to drink. So why does McDonald's Coke seem to be particularly good?

There are four major factors in research. In addition to water quality, container, temperature, it is the secret weapon "sipper". McDonald's straws are thicker than other fast food restaurants, making the taste of cola faster into your taste buds.

Previously, in order to promote its latest vanilla chocolate double-layer milkshake, McDonald's also opened a new straw. This straw is designed by the Google team. The U-shaped design ensures that you can drink the bottom coffee, the creamy mint in the middle layer, and the top layer of the milkshake at the same time.

This special straw has also been well received by customers because of its humanized design and correct marketing methods.

However, the straw is these secret "weapons" that suck the customer's heart today announced that it will be withdrawn from all McDonald restaurant in the UK and Ireland in September.

Without a straw, what do we use to drink? Instead, it is a paper straw introduced by McDonald's.

This paper straw looks no different from a typical plastic straw, but their color is generally made from soy extract, so it has biodegradable and environmentally friendly properties. The outer layer of the straw will be sealed with beeswax, which in turn ensures that the customer does not feel wet when eating.

In fact, this move by McDonald's is not unexpected. McDonald's has already tried paper straws instead of plastic disposable straws in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and since May, McDonald's in the UK has not provided plastic straws unless the customer requests it.

In fact, this is also a big response from McDonald's to the EU's "plastic reduction order."
On May 28th, the European Commission proposed to ban disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, plastic swabs, tableware, balloon rods and beverage stir bars to reduce marine litter.

According to relevant data, McDonald's uses 1.8 million straws a day in the UK, and they are also the fifth most frequently discarded in the beach.

These plastic straws not only become discards that require sanitation workers to clean, but once they enter the ocean due to improper handling, they become marine plastic pollution. From plankton to whales, marine life is inadvertently consuming plastic waste and eventually dying.

An earlier sea turtle found in the Costa Rican waters was blocked by a plastic straw and could not breathe.

Even other animals, such as whales, mistake the plastic bag for jellyfish. Seabirds are attracted by colorful plastic fragments that they may feed to their cubs.

In February of this year, a sperm whale was stranded in a beach in southern Spain. After expert dissection, it caused stomach infections due to swallowing up to 29 kg of plastic waste and eventually died of peritonitis.

Among them, fast food restaurants and beverage stores are big consumers of plastic straws. McDonald's became the most expensive plastic pipette after Starbucks, which also triggered protests from many environmental protection departments.
An environmental organization called SumOfUs has collected more than 500,000 signatures and asked McDonald's to abolish plastic straws.

Therefore, McDonald's told the BBC that the move reflected a broader public debate. Our customers tell us that they want to see action on the straws.

With McDonald's take the lead, more fast food restaurants and beverage stores have taken cute patterned paper straws as subtitutes. Various yellow and gray paper straws, purple and white straws, brown striped paper straws pleased both customers and our environment.

Blue Chekered Drinking Paper Straws

This decision of McDonald's has caused a heated discussion among netizens, and many environmentalists have applauded.

British Environment Minister Michael Gove called this a "significant contribution" to the environment and added that this is "a good example of other large companies."
But not everyone thinks that a complete ban is the solution.
A Welsh Paralympic player, Grey-Thompson, believes that plastic straws enable many people with disabilities to drink independently, while paper or glass substitutes are not guaranteed to be safe and reliable.

She said: "The debate against plastic straws has angered me because it is one-sided and no one has consulted disabled people."
“A lot of us rely on this humble plastic straw to drink a glass of water, wine or a cup of coffee.”
"The most basic human right is that we have the right to drink, the right to drink when we drink, and the right to independence."
The ban has not yet extended to other parts of the McDonald's global empire, but will begin trials in selected restaurants in the US, France and Norway. In other countries, straws are only available on request.

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