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Maintenance of Paper Straws Manufacturing Machine

The paper straws manufacturing machine is always subject to a certain amount of wear during use, especially after a long period of operation, the degree of wear will become more and more serious, and even some dust will enter the inside of the product, resulting in the declination of the performance of the product in use. Therefore, in our daily use of the paper straws manunfacturing machine, we should do the corresponding maintenance operations to ensure that the performance of the product remains stable during use.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the relative cleanliness of the paper straw making machine products, which means that the products need to be checked out of the box regularly, some iron filings inside must be cleaned, and some dust during operation must be properly cleaned. This ensures that the product will not appear rust and other phenomena during operation, and can maintain reliable operation.

Secondly, it is necessary to perform some lubrication operations on the paper straws manufacturing machine, that is, after cleaning the inside of the product, add some lubricating oil to the inside of the product. Of course, the lubricating oil used must be inspected and filtered, and then confirmed it can be put into operation only after it can meet the service standard, and it can be stopped by adding oil to the oil standard.

The above is the paper straws manufacturing machine provided by NINGBO JIANGBEI SHENYU INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD in the daily use process, maintenance operations need to be done. Only in this way can we ensure the performance of the product, avoid excessive wear of the product, and reduce some failures. The occurrence of this effectively extends the service life of the product.

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