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Do Not Leave Plastic Waste for Future Generations! Do Not Use Disposable Plastic Straws!

In reality, the convenience brought by the straw has long been seen. When it comes to the impact on the environment, a small straw is often overlooked compared to plastic bags such as plastic bags, mulch films, and beverage bottles.

Although plastic straws are small, they are difficult to recycle and can cause serious harm to our environment and other organisms. But because it is convenient, free, small, and many other reasons, it is really not easy to say "no" to the straw.

In daily life, merchants are willing to provide plastic straws free of charge to consumers because plastic straws are currently the most popular tool for consumers. For consumers, no straw will cause inconvenience to their diet. For merchants, refusing to provide a straw may affect customer satisfaction and even passenger flow. This is not worth the candle. Therefore, reducing the use of plastic straws requires publicity and guidance to change people's consumption habits.

"Limited plastic" may wish to start by rejecting the "small straw." For consumers, even a more environmentally friendly degradable paper straw instead of a plastic straw can contribute to reducing plastic pollution. In addition to this, paper-based patterned drinking straws like red chevron paper straws, metallic paper straws, solid paper straws are becoming more favorable among customers. With the deepening of ecological civilization construction and the popularization of environmental protection concepts in recent years, more and more people are beginning to change their own small habits for the big environment.

say no to plastic straws

At present, we have a long way to go before we can limit the goal of plastic molding. It is important for individuals to change their consumption habits. It is equally important to limit or prohibit the production and supply of small plastic straws, as well as restrictions on intermediate distribution and supply. Therefore, for the management department, it is necessary to improve relevant supporting regulations and prohibit or restrict the production and supply of plastic straws from the legal level. Therefore, the maximum plasticity and plastic reduction can be made, so that more people can enhance environmental awareness, change disposable plastic products from passive restrictions to active rejection, and actively use degradable paper straws to form a consensus on environmental protection.

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