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Is the Paper Straw A Replacement for Plastic Straw in Future?

As consumers became more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, plastic spillers that were used once and used up were severely attacked. With this in mind, Tetra Pak has promised to introduce a paper straw at the end of the year – but how easy is it to do? This straw will be designed to work with Tetra Piano packaging in different capacities. However, the brand chooses to use plastic straws or paper straws, which depends on the customers of Tetra Pak.
Is the Paper Straw A Replacement for Plastic Straw in Future?

Hardness and elasticity

Tetra Pak said that the process of producing a straw that meets the requirements of the various brands has many major challenges – the first thing to do is to replicate the elasticity of the plastic straw. “The carton packs vary in capacity, but the straws on the pack must be strong enough to withstand the bumps in the distribution chain when attached to the outside of the pack; the straw must also have sufficient hardness to pierce the pack; at the same time, the straw must meet all food safety requirements," a spokesperson disclosed to the outside world. “In addition, we will ensure that the paper source of the straw is reliable. We also need to develop a tube machine that can run at the required speed. Therefore, we have established a cross-functional product development team. The team is pushing this project as a top priority."
Tetra Pak said it is too early to decide how to price its paper straws – but the company also acknowledges that it must be competitive with plastic prices. Similarly, the availability of the straw will depend on customer demand, but the company also specifically mentions the growing practical demand for plastic alternatives. “The anti-plastics momentum is growing globally, and governments are working to reduce the use of plastics,” the spokesperson pointed out. “Fundamentally, the use of paper straws is our customer's choice, but for us, it is very important to provide another option for customers.”

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