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The Initiative of NGO

Like most disposable plastics, plastic straws are placed in takeaway bags or in sodas, iced tea or water when they first appear. If you lick plastic on the beach, you will find that plastic straws are a common type of plastic waste. Once they enter the marine ecosystem, they are mistaken for food and eaten by fish and birds. Use a straw to drink a frosty drink, and it will immediately turn into garbage and last for decades. Summer is a great time to take action because it is the peak period of using straws. A unique and very special organization hopes to change the current state of waste on plastic straws by encouraging people to take some simple steps to prevent the straw from entering the "waste stream". The NGO "Super Plastic Pipette" offers a simple initiative: "You just need to ban plastic straws in bars and restaurants and share your promises with others." The agency officially wrote, "Encourage restaurants or bars to provide straws only when requested by customers, or to provide degradable or reusable plastics straw. Basically, what we ask you to do is to spend less, consume less, waste less, use less straw.

This is a win-win!" "Superplastic pipettes" suggest that bars and restaurants can also take some proactive actions:
1. Provide straws only when requested by the customer; 
2. Provide the degradable or reusable straws, using pretty colored or solid paper straws will be a great choice for bars and restaurants;
3. Completely eliminate the use of straws, however, the customer would also love gold paper straws if you think it is too hard to achieve.

If you find that you really like to use a straw at home, or if you want to do a wholesale party straws business, there are two good ways to go. First of all, it is great to try a reusable straw that can be cleaned with utensils. They are made of stainless steel or glass. (I have tried. Metal has a long service life. The glass used to make cocktails is great and more durable than you think. They come in all sizes and look good and interesting.) Another option is disposable paper straws, which sometimes have a lot of beautiful decorative colors and patterns, and even paper straws made from recycled paper! With so many options to choose from, there is no reason to increase the waste of plastic straws. Usually, on environmental issues, the solution is not that simple, but it is an easy problem to solve. So everyone will try to act! Our company is a paper straws manufacturer that produces paper straws. If you want to buy paper straws, such as striped drinking straws, blue paper straws, purple striped paper straws and so on, please contact us.
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