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How to Troubleshoot the Paper Straws Manufacturing Machine

The paper straws manufacturing machine is also a kind of paper tube machinery and equipment that is widely used. Let me explain the reasons for the failure and the troubleshooting methods to help you use the paper straws manufacturing machine more reasonably in the future.

1. The spiral line inside the paper straw produced is uneven

The emergence of this kind of situation is mainly caused by the following aspects. For example, the cutting blade inside the paper straws manufacturing machine causes excessive resistance to the paper tube during operation. At this time, only the blades need to be adjusted accordingly to adjust and reduce the resistance appropriately.

Of course, it may also be because when the first layer of paper tape is applied with lubricant, the amount of lubricant applied is small, or the application is very uneven. At this time, it is necessary to re-lubricate the first layer of paper tape to ensure that the application is even, so generally when applying lubricant to the paper tape for the first time, the amount of lubricant should be appropriately selected and then applied evenly, so that it will be convenient in the subsequent production process.

2. The surface of the paper tube produced is uneven

This situation occurs mostly because the winding angles of the two belts inside the paper straws manufacturing machine are asymmetrical, which leads to the one-way compression of the paper tube by the belt during the operation of the equipment, resulting in subsequent production The surface of the paper straw is very uneven, and you only need to adjust the winding angle of the inner belt through the handwheel.

3. The adhesive on the paper tube is unevenly distributed

In the paper straws manufacturing machine, if the internal scraper and the paper tape do not form a right angle or there are some impurities on the scraper, it will cause uneven application of the adhesive on the paper tube. Therefore, after the equipment is generally operated, it is necessary to clean the interior, including the scraper and some impurities on the other parts, and then let the equipment enter the corresponding operation. If there is some uneven application of the adhesive, adjust the angle between the scraper and the paper tape and the angle of the scraper blade to keep it at a right angle, which can effectively make the equipment stably produce paper straws.

4. The cutting time of the paper tube is too long or too short

Generally, during the process of producing paper straws, the time for cutting the paper tube is kept at a fixed value. Therefore, if the cutting time is too long or too short, it means that the equipment may have some problems. It is necessary to adjust the equipment accordingly, adjust the cutting time, and keep it within the time of one week of the paper tube.

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