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How to Improve the Stability of Paper Straws Making Machine

Plastic restriction policies have been proposed around the world, and paper straw products that replace plastic straws are becoming more and more popular, and paper straws making machines are commonly used straw production machinery and equipment. How to ensure that the paper straws making machine produces stable and efficient finished products, the key points are the following problems.

During the entire operation process, the laser cutting blade head inside the paper straws making machine will cause too much frictional resistance on the paper tube. At this time, people must adjust the blade head relatively to reduce the frictional resistance. The semi-finished paper tape winding can be produced at a constant speed.

The improvement of lubricant in paper belt conveying of paper straws making machine: The amount of lubricant improvement is small, or the improvement is very uneven, then the equipment must be modified to ensure that the modification level is completely consistent.

Before we carry out the mechanical operation of the paper straws making machine, we need to unpack and inspect the inside of the equipment to remove some of the anti-rust agents, dust accumulated during storage, and some residual impurities after processing. Ensure that the interior is kept in a clean and tidy state, so that subsequent operations can maintain corresponding stability. In addition, the equipment must be strictly inspected according to the standard before the equipment is operated, and the standard parts of the paper straws making machine equipment must be inspected. If there is a standard workpiece loose due to vibration, it must be tightened from the beginning before running again. Then, after checking all normal conditions, let the paper straws making machine run without load for a few minutes, and nothing happens before all the machinery and equipment can be used normally. In the process of paper straw production, the operating speed of the paper straws making machine can be appropriately reduced under the condition of ensuring that the production needs are met. This can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the equipment during operation, thereby avoiding some mechanical losses to a certain extent.

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