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How to Clean the Parts of Machine for Making Paper Straws?

With the popularity of machine for making paper straws, more and more people wonder how to clean the parts of the paper straw making machines. Then we will talk about how to effectively clean the parts of your paper straw making machine in the next article.

1. Wipe and clean

The small and medium parts on the machine for making paper straws can be disassembled after use and put into kerosene or configured cleaning fluid for wiping and cleaning. This cleaning method is simple and convenient but the cleaning speed is often slow, and it is only suitable for large paper straw machines.

2. High-temperature boiling washing

In order to improve the cleaning effect of the parts of the machine for making paper straws, we can also configure the dilute solution and cleaning agent according to the relevant proportions, and put them into the cleaning tank made of special steel plate for heating treatment. When the temperature continues to rise to reach 80-90℃, treat the parts in this state for 5 minutes;

3. High pressure spray washing

If you happen to have a high-pressure water gun, you can adopt high-pressure spray cleaning with the spray cleaning solution prepared before. This kind of cleaning method for the parts of the paper straw making machine is mainly suitable for places with a lot of oil pollution, and special attention should be paid to parts with complex surfaces and electronic components that cannot be cleaned in this way;

4. Vibration cleaning

You can clean the paper straw machine according to the actual situation of the user. If the parts of the paper straw machine are more oily, you can use vibration cleaning. We can place the parts of the paper straw making machine that need to be cleaned in the cleaning solution for vibration, and add the cleaning agent to achieve the purpose of removing oil and impurities;

5. Ultrasonic cleaning

At present, ultrasonic cleaning of larger paper straw making machines is still relatively rare, mainly because of the high cost and high technical requirements for ultrasonic cleaning operations. Therefore, when cleaning large paper tube machines, we should choose the appropriate method according to the actual situation. Perform cleaning. Small and medium-sized paper straw making machines can try to use this method for effective cleaning.

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