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How to Choose High Quality Paper Straws in Daily Life

There is an old saying "nip in the bud". One of the reasons is that people usually do not pay attention to many aspects of daily life. For example, people do not pay attention to the environmental hygiene and safety of daily diet, which causes germs to enter the mouth and lead to illness.

Therefore, we must strictly supervise the daily diet. For the commonly used ecofriendly paper straws should in daily life, it is necessary to pay attention to purchasing high quality ones. And there is no need to choose products without guarantee due to the cheap price which are harmful to our bodies. So you should shoose an ecofriendly paper straw factory to cooperate.

1. See the paper straws

It is necessary to see if the outer packaging of paper straws has QS. The safety factor of paper straws will be reduced if they have colors. It is necessary to pay more attention to those with dark colors. It is also necessary to see if there are no small black spots or broken bubbles in paper straws. These are all the characteristics of substandard products.

2. Smell the paper straws

Before the paper straw touches the drink, it is necessary to smell whether it is smelly.

3. Squeeze the paper straws

If the paper straw is flat without ductility after being squeezed, it shows that the paper straw is made of thinner raw materials and has bad quality. And it will also be easily sucked to be flat during the whole process.

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