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How are Paper Straws Exactly Made?

Some popular beverage brands, including Heytea, Naxel, Starbucks, McDonald's, Lelecha and so on, are the first ones starting to use paper straws. Paper straws and biodegradable straws have become one of the hottest terms in the tea industry in 2020. It has been regarded as one of the best choices by a lot of beverage companies, in order to cooperate with the idea of "plastic ban measures". But how exactly are paper straws made?

The production steps of paper straws are divided into four main parts: paper holder, gluing, paper roll, and slitting.

The paper holder is the first part of the paper straw machine. After the first roll of paper is used, the spare roll is automatically switched on to ensure the continuity of the process and realize fully automatic production.

Gluing is the most important part of the production of paper straws. To ensure the safety and cleanliness of gluing, we need to pay attentions within work. After gluing, it is the rolling process, that is, the paper will roll into the shape of a straw in this process. The inner diameter of the straw can be adjusted between 3.8mm and 11.3mm. After the straw is formed, it will enter the cutting process. The length of the straw can be adjusted between 45mm and 1600mm.

The paper straws produced need to meet the certain requirement, which is to keep hard for at least 3 hours without softening in cold drinks. In fact, in addition to the above four main steps, the paper straw manufacturing can choose different producing line, such as whether to use microwave drying and choose single or multiple packaging according to the needs.

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