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Environmental Issues are Imminent! Paper Straws are Rapidly Replacing Plastic Straws

A distribution company in the Edmonton area said they are no longer able to meet the nation's demand for paper straws. Owner Phillip Jacobsen said that a year ago, Greenmunch in Sherwood Park provided about 1 million paper straws per month to customers in Canada and the United States. In the past few months, the company has sold about four million straws. Jacobsen said in an interview with the CBC morning radio in Edmonton on Monday that they are rejecting many big customers. Jacobsen's company works with a Chinese manufacturer that is struggling to meet the needs of customers around the world. It is estimated that if the factory in China can have 40 to 50 million straws shipped to the world every month, then you can satisfy everyone's demand. Jacobsen said, "This is a matter of great concern to the whole world. We have really seen a lot of media promoting this matter, indicating that everyone is really concerned about the environment. I think this is also a success of paper straws."
Environmental Issues are Imminent! Paper Straws are Rapidly Replacing Plastic Straws

Paper straws are nothing new

Jacobsen said that paper straws are nothing new. He remembers that in the 1970s, paper straws were used before the replacement of more durable plastic straws. Although the paper straws he sells are more durable than they were 40 years ago, they still can't last a whole day. When Greenmunch began supplying straws seven years ago, the demand came mainly from niche customers – those that were forward-thinking. Now, the demand comes from big companies. Most of Greenmunch is located in Ontario and British Columbia, but in the past month, businesses in Western Canada, including chain restaurants, have become more interested. "I think straws are the first products that are easy to solve, trying to reduce the presence of plastic straws."
Jacobsen is now preparing to improve his competitiveness in the papaya business. Because every company that sells plastic straws is frantically looking for paper straws. They will have more competitors as gold paper straws wholesale, chevron paper straws wholesale, polka dot paper straws wholesale is growing worldwide. In any case, even if the future straws are replaced with paper, as long as it is good for the environment, I don't think everyone will be too resistant.
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