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Do You Want to Disable Plastic Straws? Is It Desirable to be One Size Fits?

The British "Guardian" reported on August 26, 2018 that parts of the United States and Canada are actively promoting legislation to prohibit and restrict the use of non-recyclable plastic straws to promote environmental protection. San Francisco and other places have become the forerunners of the “Abolition of Plastic Pipette Movement”. However, there are also objections that plastic straws and other products are “necessary for people's lives”, especially for those who are inconvenient, so it is not advisable to adopt a “one size fits all” abolition.

The Guardian said last month that the San Francisco City Council in California passed a bill that banned the use of plastic straws and other non-recyclable products. Previously, Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada, passed similar bills. The City of New York is considering a similar bill, and cities such as Oakland and Santa Cruz have passed regulations that restrict the use of plastic straws. In the public event, some members of the San Francisco City Council used drinking straws made of recycled metal or bamboo to encourage people to use plastic straws.

Under the impetus of the municipal government, 50%-80% of the people no longer use plastic straws to drink at the restaurant. More and more yellow and grey straws, yellow striped straws bulk, party straws bulk are  gradually appeared to be pape-based. The Guardian quoted San Francisco City Environmental Protection Department as saying that “abolishing the plastic straw movement” is an important step in daily environmental protection. From a global perspective, this is also a general trend. Taiwan has already proposed to abolish plastic straws by 2025, and the EU and the UK are also considering promoting similar initiatives to reduce plastic waste.

On the other hand, opponents claim that plastic products represented by straws are of great significance to the convenience of people's lives. The "abolition of plastic straw movements" sounds simple, but it is not easy to do. Especially for people with physical disabilities or inconvenient movements, the use of plastic products such as straws and plastic bags is an essential part of their lives and "needs to take care of their feelings".

For restaurant and beverage store operators, the use of alternatives to other materials means a significant increase in operating costs. Therefore, many people have called for a one-size-fit for all prohibition that does not meet the requirements of economic law and humanistic care. "Abolition of plastic straw movements" should be moderate and take a step-by-step transition.

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