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Coca-Cola Wants to

The 2019 environmental storm continues!
Coca-Cola Amatir speaks: From February, plastic straws will be eliminated in Australia!
Since about 2018, about 11% of all plastic waste in Australia is plastic straws. Coupled with the global environmental turmoil, Coca-Cola Amatir heard the voice of everyone and decided to make changes to reduce waste plastics.
How to drink cola after disabling the plastic straw? Coca-Cola Amatir said it will replace the plastic straws in 115,000 stores in Australia with degradable paper straws!
Various paper-based polka dot straws wholesale, striped straws wholesalepaper party straws wholesale are coming out to meet different needs for people to drink.
Coca-Cola Wants to

I don't know if this year, will it be a trend to use paper straws?
Degradable paper straws look at the Shenyu paper straws! Made from food-contact pulp, it can be degraded within three to four months after recycling, allowing you to drink without worry and help the environment! The appearance of this star series of paper straws is a perfect combination of stars and stars in various colors. It is beautiful! Different color stars paper straws make you feel happy every day! Pick environmentally friendly and beautiful paper straws!

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