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Byebye, Plastic Straws! Hello, Green Paper Straw!

Generally hot coffee will not be drunk with a straw. But iced coffee, will definitely be equipped with a straw to drink. Whether it is Starbucks' green straw or Costa's red straw, it will slowly withdraw from the historical stage under the "plastic limit" environment.
The paper straw is an environmentally friendly straw that degrades and disappears into the soil after a few months of use. The global paper straw market is geographically divided into North America, including Japan's Asia Pacific region, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
In March 2018, the United Kingdom and other developed countries introduced a “plastic limit order” to reduce the pollution caused by plastics. Subsequently, other developing or developed countries, such as India, South Africa, Thailand and Costa Rica, have taken similar measures to limit the use of plastic straws and promote the importance of paper straws. The choice of customers for environmentally friendly packaging is the main driver of the growth of the paper pipette market.
Although paper straws are more expensive than plastic straws and are slightly more expensive, today, when everyone advocates environmental protection, the rise of paper straws is still unstoppable, and so is paper-based chevron straws wholesale, polka dot straws wholesale, striped straws wholesale business. Let's take a look at paper straws.
Byebye, Plastic Straws! Hello, Green Paper Straw!

Classified by application:
. Carbonated drinks
. Milkshake
. Iced tea
. Fruit juice
. Alcoholic drinks
. Other

According to the end use:
. Hotel
. Restaurants and motels
. Bar and lounge
. Other

As an environmentally-friendly enterprise that adheres to the concept of green development, our factory has taken the lead in research and development of special glue for paper straws and paper straw forming process. Our factory is also constantly developing environmentally-friendly straws of various specifications and styles, contributing to the "Green Earth"! Customers are welcome to consult or request a sample trial.
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