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1. The environmental protection background of biodegradable paper straws

Data shows that in 2019, China's plastic products reached a cumulative output of 81.84 million tons, the straws exceeded 46 billion, the per capita usage exceeded 30, and the total consumption was about 50,000 to 100,000 tons. At present, the raw materials for the production of plastic straws are polymer materials. Traditional plastic straws are generally non-degradable. Because they are disposable and easily released into the environment, they can easily enter rivers, lakes and oceans, causing "white pollution". It is for these reasons that China has banned the use of non-degradable straws in the catering industry since the end of 2020.

Currently, there are several ways to replace traditional non-degradable straws:

(1) Change the drinking method without straw;

(2) Switch to a non-sipper method such as a suction nozzle;

(3) Completely degradable straws such as biodegradable paper straws.

2. Biodegradable paper straws: the savior of environmental protection

Biodegradable paper straws often use food-grade virgin wood pulp paper as the main raw material, and their production process is processed by three or four-layer food-grade raw paper with glue, tube winding, slitting, and drying. In the process of forming biodegradable straws, it is necessary to pay attention to factors such as machine speed and glue volume, and adjust the diameter of the straw through the size of the core rod. In general, the entire production process of the current biodegradable paper straws is relatively simple and very easy to mass produce, which can make a great contribution to our environmental protection cause.

However, the current price of biodegradable paper straws is still relatively high, and the user experience needs to be optimized. It is necessary to use paper and adhesives that meet food safety requirements. If it is a paper straw with a printed pattern, such as custom printed paper straws, the food safety of the ink is also required to meet the requirements, because they all need to be in direct contact with food, and the food safety performance of the product must be ensured. At the same time, it must be suitable for many beverages on the market. Many paper straws will soften and open when they come into contact with higher-temperature beverages or acidic beverages. These are issues that we need to pay attention to in the future.

As a professional manufacturer of paper straws, Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd will closely follow the development trend and strive to produce biodegradable paper straws that are more in line with the market trend.

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