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Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry and Trade CO., Ltd.
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By Holiday

Our paper straws are perfectly suitable for decorating your special events, such as Christmas, Valentine's day, Halloween, Wedding party, Birthday, and they are ideal for indoor or outdoor parties. With our special paper straws, you can spend a wonderful time with your family, friends and lovers.

Product Feature:

Our paper straws can resist high temperature and nature decompose, and produced by 100% recycled food grade paper and environmental friendly water ink. 

In response to the global plastic ban, paper straws will replace the plastic straws in recent days. The paper straws have advantages as follow: 
1)All paper straws are made by 100% recycled paper, and they are are safe to the body. 
2)They are durable, are not soggy after a full glass of water/tea. 
3)They are disposable, biodegradable, so using paper straws can protect our environment.
They have different sizes of patterns and colours as you need. 

Varied pattern design makes it suitable for many different occasions as you want. Normally, wholesale paper straws are packed in 500pcs/bag, can mix with other colour. Of course, we have the special small package with 12pcs/20pcs/24pcs/poly bag with header card/paper box. We can also supply individually wrapped pakcing if you need.

Why paper straws:

Compared with plastic straws, paper straws are favorited by consumers due to their environmental-friendly and biodegradable materials. They are health, harmless and safety for people's body. Most importantly, paper straws can help to protect the environment world. Make the change today!

Who we are:

Ningbo Jiangbei Shenyu Industry and Trade CO., Ltd. is a professional paper straws manufacturer. Custom printed paper straws with custom design. No middle man, directly to your hands. We provide free artwork, free sample. OEM and Wholesale. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sample policy:

1. Send sample to the appointed address
2. Sample cost depends on your print logo and quantity
3. Sample time: 7~15 days
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